Arcep is participating in the Internet Governance Forum

This year the Internet Governance Forum, a vehicle for dialogue created under the aegis of the United Nations, will be held in Paris. It will be a unique opportunity for Arcep to contribute to discussions on the future of internet governance with all of the key stakeholders.

Rendez-vous on 12 to 14 November at Unesco in Paris!

What is the Internet Governance Forum?

The Internet Governance Forum is a forum for multi-stakeholder dialogue that was created officially by the United Nations Organization in 2006. It is open to all, and brings together representatives of federal governments, businesses, the technical community, civil society, etc.

The goal: to engage all of the stakeholders in a public and transparent dialogue on internet governance.

Why is Arcep taking part?

As the architect and guardian of communication networks in France, Arcep works to ensure that networks develop as a common good.

The focus will be on three of Arcep’s core priorities:

  • Net neutrality
  • 5G: the next generation of mobile networks
  • Devices (smartphones, tablets, voice assistants) and the issue of internet openness

Arcep Chair, Sébastien Soriano; Arcep Executive Board member, Serge Abiteboul, and members of the Arcep team will lend their expertise to the debates and roundtables devoted to these issues that will shape our digital future.

Arcep’s IGF programme

Monday, 12 November

12h20 – 13h20 : Debate on Net Neutrality

WithSerge Abiteboul, Arcep Executive Board member


Tuesday, 13 November

10.10 – 11.40: Net neutrality and beyond:
ensuring freedom of choice online
(Room II – WS #180)

With Hélène Bout, Vincent Toubiana and Anaïs Le Gouguec – Economic analysis and digital intelligence unit


11.50 – 1.20: Net neutrality vs. 5G and
new technological challenges
(Room II - WS #142)

Speakers: Laura Letourneau and Jean Cattan – Head of the Open internet unit, and advisor to the Chairman


5G and net neutrality, friends or foes?

3.00 – 4.30: Regulations for a neutral and
open Internet at the age of online platforms
(Room III - WS #319)


With Sébastien Soriano, Arcep Chair


"How to regulate big techs? Regulators shall become architects of choice" : Arcep chairman Sébastien Soriano speech at IGF Forum 2018

Wednesday, 14 November

10.00 - 11.20: Content Blocking and Filtering: a challenge for Internet growth (Salle I)

With Sébastien Soriano, Arcep Chair


You too can take part!

Online Registration to attend onsite the 13th Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum is now closed.​ Onsite Registration at the IGF 2018 venue will be open from 9 November.

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