• Optical fibre

    Optical Fibre and 4G

    Progress report on fixed and mobile connectivity in France: three Arcep publications to coincide with the Prime Minister’s trip to the Gers.

  • Arcep


    The President of France appoints François Lions to the Arcep Executive Board

  • Optical fibre

    Broadband and Superfast Broadband Market

    FttH rollouts and take-up both gaining ground

  • DTT

    Audiovisual and DTT

    Regulation of the wholesale terrestrial TV broadcasting market

  • Terminals

    Open Internet

    Vocal assistants and app stores incorporated into Europe’s Platform-to-Business regulation: Arcep welcomes this first milestone, in tune with its proposals.

  • Networks

    Future networks

    “Network virtualisation” and “connected cars”: Arcep publishes its first two works to emerge from an investigation into future networks

  • Digital

    Training / 5G

    Arcep teams up with Epitech, for a hackathon designed to train future 5G experts

  • Arcep


    The President of the Senate appoints Emmanuel Gabla to the Arcep Executive Board

  • 5G


    The French government and Arcep issue a call for the creation of 5G trial platforms in the 26 GHz band

  • Optical fibre

    Optical fibre

    FttH network access and non-discrimination: Arcep delivers its first assessment of the changes made to Orange business processes

  • Superfast fixed broadband

    Public Initiative Network

    As part of a dispute settlement, Arcep directs THD Bretagne to grant Coriolis Telecom's request for the supply of an active access solution to the FttH lines that it operates

  • Postal sector

    Parcels and E-commerce

    Arcep implements its newfound competences regarding parcels

  • Quality of service

    Quality of service of Orange wholesale products designed for the business market and wholesale copper local loop access products

    Arcep has issued Orange with an official notice to improve the quality of service of its wholesale active products designed for the business market and its wholesale copper local loop general access products.

  • Quality of service

    Data-Driven Regulation

    Arcep details the first positive outcomes of its co-construction approach to measuring the quality of fixed and mobile internet services

  • Arcep

    Strategic shift

    Arcep officially inaugurates its new “open government” offices