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Arcep transmits its draft analysis decisions on the broadband and superfast broadband markets to the European Commission  

Paris, 27 October 2017

Final stage before Arcep’s adoption of new decisions before the end of the year

After having published a summary and outlook (1) document on two successive public consultations on draft decisions (2), and received the Competition Authority’s opinion (3), Arcep continues the process of reviewing its analyses of fixed broadband and superfast broadband markets by transmitting its draft decisions, which take the latest feedback from stakeholders into account, to the European Commission for possible observations. This is the final stage in the process before Arcep’s adoption of new market analysis decisions.

The purpose of these draft decisions is to define asymmetrical regulation – i.e. which applies only to Orange – for the three broadband and superfast broadband markets, from 2017 to 2020:

- Wholesale local access provided at a fixed location (Market 3a);

- Wholesale central access provided at a fixed location for mass-market products (Market 3b);

- Wholesale high-quality access provided at a fixed location (Market 4).

Draft decisions largely unchanged since the latest public consultation

The responses received from market stakeholders during the public consultation that ran from 27 July to 22 September did not lead Arcep to make any substantial changes to these draft decisions.
Depending on the remarks received from the European Commission, Arcep will be able to adopt the final decisions in December.


(1) Press release of 21 July 2016

(2)  Press releases dated 9 February 2017 and  27 July 2017

(3) Opinion No. 17-A-09 of 5 May 2017

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