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ARCEP wishes to publish its calculation of the net cost of extending the La Poste network as part of its regional development mission for 2012.  

Paris, 10 October 2013

Article 6 of amended Act No. 90-568 of 2 July 1990 stipulates that the regulatory authority for the postal service and electronic communications shall each year evaluate the net cost of extending the La Poste network as part of it regional development mission. The method for calculating these costs is set out in decree No. 2011-849 of 18 July 2011.

On 1 October the Authority adopted decison No. 2013-1169 calculating, for the third year, the net cost of extending its network.

The amount in question was 252,000,000 EUR for 2012. In decision No. 2012-1311, ARCEP calculated these costs at 247,000,000 EUR for 2011.

The Authority has also published a summary of the public consultation conducted from 17 July to 10 September 2013 relating to the model for calculating the net cost of La Poste's regional development mission, together with the responses it received.

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