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Last update 20th January 2016
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You are a Telecom Operator

Operator Declaration
(On the Extranet)

Smiley Declaration form (doc) Smiley

Smiley FAQ Smiley

Rights and Obligations

Smiley Legal guide (pdf) Smiley

Smiley Taxes and licensing fess Smiley

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Smiley Critical issues : Operators Smiley

Operators : Statistical Monitoring

Smiley Survey calendar and data collection decisions Smiley

Smiley Annual market analysis questionnaire Smiley

On the Extranet

Smiley Download questionnaires, and survey and data collection decision bulletins, including:

- Annual and quarterly statistical surveys on operators' business
- Monitoring mobile market subscriptions
- Monitoring broadband and superfast broadband market subscriptions

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Smiley Spectrum license application FORMS (including amendments and returns Smiley

Smiley Spectrum licensing fees Smiley

Smiley e-spectre DATABASE Smiley

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Smiley Frequencies used in France Smiley

Smiley Spectrum trading market Smiley


National Numbering Plan

Smiley Consolidated version as of 5 November 2013 Smiley

Smiley Management Rules Smiley

On the Extranet

Smiley Resource management formsSmiley

Smiley Allocated and frozen assets Smiley

Smiley Regulatory documentationSmiley

Smiley FAQ Smiley

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Smiley The regulatory framework Smiley

Smiley Number taxSmiley

Smiley Numbering databaseSmiley

Smiley VASSmiley

Smiley Fixed number portabilitySmiley

Smiley Mobile number portabilitySmiley

Universal Telecoms Service

Income Statement (for fiscal 2012)

Smiley DecisionSmiley

Smiley Form Smiley

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Smiley Critical issues: Universal telecoms service Smiley

You are a Postal Operator

Declaring your Business

Smiley Explanatory guide (pdf)Smiley

Smiley Declaration form (doc)Smiley

Statistical Monitoring
(On the Extranet)

Smiley Download the annual surveySmiley

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