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28th November 2016

In late 2014, ARCEP published a new scorecard on the quality of fixed internet access services in France. The fruit of several years of preparatory work, this observatory aims to improve the information that is available to internet users, and to provide ARCEP with the means to meet its responsibility of supervising the overall quality of internet access services. The scorecards concern the three internet access technologies most widely used by consumers in Metropolitan France: copper pair, optical fibre with coaxial cable in the last mile, and fibre to the home (FttH).

Still in the trial phase, this ARCEP observatory will evolve over time. In November 2015, ARCEP issued a call for input in a bid to improve the process. In the meantime, and given the limited hindsight and the inherent risks of error when any such system is launched, ARCEP asks readers to apply caution when interpreting the data contained in this summary report. Any dissemination, reuse of or reference to these data must be accompanied by the disclaimers on the methodology contained in the report.


Dates Presentation, methodology
& aggregate data
13 April 2016 Press release Scorecard for the 2nd half of 2015: PDF / XLSX / CSV
5 November 2015 Press release Scorecard for the 1st half of 2015: PDF / XLSX
13 May 2015 Press release Scorecard for the 2nd half of 2014: PDF / ZIP
25 November 2014 Press release Scorecard for 26 May to 30 June 2014: PDF / ZIP

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