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700 MHz BAND

Main auction closes 

Paris, 17 November 2015

The main auction closed today, at the end of 11 rounds. Proceeds totalled €466 million for each block of 5 MHz duplex, for a total of 2.796 billion euros.

The results are as follows:

- Bouygues Telecom was awarded 1 block ;

- Free Mobile was awarded 2 blocks;

- Orange was awarded 2 blocks ;

- SFR was awarded 1 block.

Each candidate's position on the frequency band still needs to be determined. There are four possible positions in the band:

The winning candidates are invited to submit their preferences to ARCEP by 19 November, along with the price they are willing to pay for their first choice (1).

The results of this auction for slots will be added to the results of the main auction that has just closed.



(1) If they obtain their second choice, they will pay 2/3 of this amount. If they obtain their third choice, they will pay 1/3. If they obtain their last choice, they will pay nothing.

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